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Congratulations!  Regal Awards has provided superior opportunities for women in sales for over 30 years, building a proven system that you can use to grow your own business.

Perfect for detail-oriented professional looking to increase sales in established field.  We are a 50 year old company with multi-million dollar annual sales, great reputation for high quality, low prices, fast, professional service.  Trust, teamwork, and genuine care for customers and associates are our hallmarks.

Position can be part-time or full time, work from home, flexible schedule available. No direct experience necessary - we will train you!

Compensation is 100% commission – Our account executives earn between $30,000 and $130,000 per year.  If you’re a fit for our business, there’s no reason you can’t make $30,000 a year part-time.

Your responsibilities:

Building customer relationships while generating sales of high quality custom awards and imprinted promotional products. You provide computer, phone, internet access, professional appearance and demeanor, independent work style, motivation to earn.

Our responsibilities:

Provide sales leads, marketing resources, coaching, research tools, catalogs, order entry, tracking, financing, billing, collecting, support for processing orders, and payment of commissions.

Successful candidate will be results driven, self-motivated individuals with above-average ability to meet people, create and maintain business relationships. Balance of people skills and detail orientation required. Problem solver, trouble shooter. Computer skills (email, internet, word, excel) a must. Shopping or research experience also a plus.

We specialize in creative solutions, product knowledge, and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Your prospects and customers will mainly be businesses, non-profits, schools, clubs, and athletic organizations. You’ll play an integral role in setting strategy for client’s branded merchandise, logo clothing, and recognition programs.

Browse our product offerings at

Success in this business depends on an ability to cast a wide net.  Are you an experienced Promotional Products Specialist?  Do you have established repeat accounts?  Are you skilled in the research and personal service aspects of the job, a trusted resource for your customers, but unable to find the time or the right formula to add a significant number of new customers?  Do you enjoy the business but just don’t make as much money as you would like or need?

Most in this business are focused on current projects and current customers.  We offer all the basics an experienced industry professional needs, but our expertise is in building your customer base to ensure a steady stream of repeat orders for years to come.  

Our process revolves around consistent, persistent use of  direct marketing tools (telemarketing, catalog mailing, email blast, text blast, social networking, etc.). 

The mindset is based in our theory that the best long term profits in promotional products are achieved from a large number of small to medium sized orders.  While we spend lots of time and energy developing large accounts, even those accounts are most often comprised of many individual buyers. 

Our approach is equal parts marketing and detective, constantly seeking the contact information that will introduce you to your next customer.  We employ many guerilla marketing techniques characterized by low cost, high return, high personal touch, focused on identifying and developing the relationships that result in repeat sales. 

Many thousands of prospects are needed to build a million dollar business, finding them and introducing yourself to them in an affordable manner is 80% perspiration and 20% inspiration. 

Our proven marketing plan, marketing calendar, prospect lists, follow up, referral, and call-a-day systems will, over time, create a customer base that delivers results that are built to last many years.

Sound interesting?  Contact Jeff Neary at 402-553-3200 x106 or for an introduction.

Partnering with Regal in this process offers a number of advantages:

-Learn from industry veterans who’ve built a multi-million dollar business.

-Using tested techniques for prospecting, selling, and maintaining accounts will save time and money plus you’ll avoid mistakes people without this program make.  You‘ll have confidence the areas you are focusing your time and energy will provide the greatest cash return.

-You’ll make more money

This opportunity is perfect for:

Someone interested in starting or continuing a career in consultative sales and customer care in an established industry that provides flexible work schedule and good long-term income potential.  A great place for women to make money, be in charge, determine their own course.  The consultative, relationship building approach that Regal has formulated over the years delivers the highest income over the long term.

** Why affiliating with Regal is better than going it alone **

-Established corporate umbrella with the reputation and financial resources to help you get in the doors that are sometimes difficult to access as a sole proprietor

-non-competitive selling environment

-team approach to product research and problem solving

-our support functions allow you more time to sell and live your life!

-lead generation and marketing support allow you more opportunities to earn

-production, warehouse, and fulfillment facilities, most don’t have these – allows you to offer customers services not available elsewhere.

-in house graphic design, embroidery and screen printing means faster turn around, no cost sample layouts, no nickel and dime charges for changes, etc.

-freight and logistics experience and cost saving

-our combined volumes qualify us for best pricing with most suppliers

-our success has come mainly by developing sales relationships in medium and large corporations.  If you have experience selling in this environment, or if you desire sales growth in this environment, this may be a great fit for you!

**Why affiliating with Regal is better than other companies **

-all the reasons mentioned above PLUS

-dedicated territory

-selective affiliation process - We don’t take just anyone.  If you’re approved for our program it’s because your personality fits a narrow profile that we’ve seen succeed in the past

-laptop and website programs

-personal attention from staff and management for you and your customers

-focused attention to help you achieve lead generation, marketing and sales goals.

-manufacturing division – most don’t have this less competitive sub-industry – offers small quantities and quick turn around for those rush orders

-focus on profitable corporate sales

-family business, 50 year history, great reputation with customers, suppliers, we treat people fairly, the way we like to be treated, we fix problems no questions asked, we measure customer and supplier relationships in decades.

-long term, you’ll earn more.  Compensation should not be your only consideration but it is a significant factor when deciding to partner with a promotional products distributor. 

There are many good firms out there and each excels at different things.  Regal may not have the fanciest marketing materials, we aren’t and will never be the largest distributor around.  The promotional products industry was built by independent reps, partnering with distributor companies, with profits split 50/50.  Regal is the only major distributor still offering that same partnership to account executives in 2011 with no strings attached.  Our success will continue by being selective in adding high quality, mutually profitable partners.

Detailed information regarding any of these issues provided upon satisfactory completion of interest application.

Independent Account Executive Position

** What it is **

-Education in the awards and promotional products business

-License to use our name, reputation, website, marketing materials, expertise, supplier network (including hundreds of eqp and less-than-eqp arrangements

-System for finding and keeping customers

-Partnership in selling and delivering awards and promotional items

-Mechanism for product research, negotiating, ordering, delivering, financing, invoicing, and collecting

-A family business with hundreds of established, successful, long term partners

** What it isn’t **

-A job with set hours and tasks

-A way to get rich quick

-A multi-level-marketing program

** Critical success and personality factors  **

-Internal drive and a burning desire to succeed are far and away the determining factor of success in this (and most) enterprise.  The object of your drive and desire (money, financial independence, feelings of accomplishment, meeting new people, becoming part of a team, learning a new and marketable skill, sales goals) matters little.  If failure is an option, you probably will not succeed.  If failure is not an option, you will not fail!

-Belief in the product you are selling also precedes success in any selling situation.  You can fake it for a while, but long term you have to love what you do.  In order to love what you do, you have to understand the benefits of what you sell and believe it represents the best solution for your customer.  Anything less will not stand the test of time.

-Personal attitude is also a huge pre-determiner.  The ability to learn from all corners of the business and a genuine desire to help and serve customers and potential customers are indispensable attitudes that will contribute to your success.  Money is a by-product of satisfied customers in this business.  The ability to ask for and offer help to fellow account reps is also a positive indicator. 

-This business is made up of millions of customers placing a large number of small orders for highly customized products.  It’s a relationship business so you have to be good at relationships – trust, honesty, mutual respect, and frequent communication are the hallmarks of a good relationship (among other things).  If you want to make good money in this business you need lots of customers, so add in basic networking skills, enjoy meeting people, and multitasking to the list.  What we do and what we sell is not rocket science, but the people skills necessary to be successful are every bit as specialized and rare as a rocket scientist.

-Last but not least, details.  Every product we sell has a custom imprint.  There are numerous varieties of imprint (color, size, media) and each variable represents an opportunity to deliver a product that is not what your customer ordered.  When you marry the people skills and detail orientation requirements of this career, the pool of potentially successful candidates shrinks by over 90% and therein lies the sweet spot of opportunity if you are one of the select few who possess these rarely-found-together skills.

Some kind of previous sales or customer care experience is helpful although former teachers, nurses, lawyers, carpenters, and accountants have found success here.   

Education, health care, athletic, or large corporation experience and contacts in these areas are helpful.

Successful candidates will be results driven, self-motivated individuals with above-average ability to meet people, create and maintain business relationships. Balance of people skills and detail orientation required. Problem solver, trouble shooter. Computer skills (email, internet, word, excel) a must. Shopping or research experience also a plus.

We specialize in creative solutions, product knowledge, and outstanding customer satisfaction.  Your prospects and customers will mainly be businesses, non-profits, schools, clubs, and athletic organizations. You’ll play an integral role in setting strategy for client’s branded merchandise, logo clothing, and recognition programs. 

** Are you a fit? **

What’s working? What do they have in common?

-none of our top reps are what you would call “super sales” personalities

-the majority are women

-take job seriously

-motivated to get job done right

-money is a motivator but not the only motivator

What makes them successful?

-customers have become friends

-quick response

-fair markup

-great service

-treat people the way you want to be treated

-like making money


For more than 10 years Regal has employed the Predictive Index © system of matching candidate personality traits with job requirements through a series of surveys.  While this is just one tool in determining whether an applicant is a fit, we’ve found it to be better than anything else previously employed at forecasting success in this area. 

The PI pattern most often associated with success in selling custom awards and promotional products is called “control”.  Following is a description of this personality:

“This is a self-disciplined, conscientious person who will develop a high degree of expertise and skill in a specialized field.  This person has the drive to get things done right which means “by the book” and in accordance with established standards of accuracy and quality.  A conservative technician who respects traditional values.  Reserved, serious, thoughtful, a no-nonsense worker who worries about getting things exactly right. 

Not superficial, they make sure they know what they are talking about before they speak.  They work extra hard to perfect work product, anxious to avoid mistakes.  This person is capable of exercising ingenuity in problem solving within the limits of their expertise and training.  Factual, straight forward and impatient to get on with the job at hand.  Business organizations depend a great deal on these people to be sure things get done right and often place them in positions of control and trust.  They have a sense of urgency and work, in general, at a faster than average pace, making decisions firmly and quickly as long as they are the kind of decisions that are consistent with training and expertise. 

If this describes you, and you’re interested in trying commission sales, please contact us at your earliest convenience.  We have a career for you!

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