Recognition Works!


One of the truths about our business that isn’t discussed much is that awards themselves are not absolutely necessary in order to properly recognize outstanding achievement.


Likewise, the most expensive award in the world can fail to fulfill its purpose if the manner in which it is presented is not warm, genuine, public, honest, and humble.


Recognition Works! Is a trip behind the scenes and an attempt to harness the transformational (and unbelievably inexpensive) power of recognition to increase performance and happiness within your organization.


Make a bold promise & delivery – otherwise who cares?


Recognition delivers happiness! When you boil it down that’s all any of us wants, right? Doing something nice for somebody who did something great is a positive win-win. Happy employees perform at a higher level, they stay in jobs longer, they contribute immensely to the positive morale of a team or organization. It doesn’t take a lot to make someone feel great about something they do well.


Recognition delivers measurable top and bottom line results!

Consistent, persistent, genuine public recognition creates more engaged, long term employees who cost less, have greater expertise, and save you the cost of searching and training replacements. Effective recognition also serves as an alternative to cash bonuses and raises when those things are not available. Organizations who use recognition as a retention and motivation tool report the frequency of raises to be less than those who rely on financial incentives only. These factors combine to positively impact revenue growth and cost containment initiatives in a direct way.


Recognition is an abundant natural resource. You have the ability right now, today to connect with your employees, customers, suppliers and others critical to your success.


Tell one person what you love about what they are doing.


Recognize and celebrate what’s working. Fix, change or eliminate what’s not.


Everyone deserves an award – if they don’t you don’t have them in the right place.


This valuable tool costs nothing but a little time and effort!


All you have to do is decide to make it a consistent, persistent habit.


Make a list of people you need to recognize and why (family, personal, professional) Use an excel spreadsheet if it helps – list name, contact info, why they deserve to be recognized and how often. The easier the information is to retrieve, the better chance you get it done – and the list makes sure no one gets left out – some names stay on the list permanently – others come and go.


Start small - one recognition a day (or a week). You will find after a while you have time for more.


Recognitions can be done in person privately or publicly, over email, hand written note, come with gifts. Most importantly: Be original and genuine in your recognition. Borrow ideas along the way but make the blend uniquely yours. Inject all the honesty and humility you can into each interaction.


Watch their world, and yours, get immediately better!


If you love your people – show them!! People love seeing their name in print, hearing their name spoken, and feeling that their work matters to somebody. These rewards burn brighter to most than even the financial ones.


Making recognition a habit increases organizational harmony, shows empathy, provides positive consistency, hope for the future, and shows you are paying attention to details that matter. Are those worth taking 5-15 minutes a day for?


Recognition separates you as a leader – whether your title does or not, while connecting you at a deeper level, shows you desire to understand what motivates a person or team. Recognizing their achievements helps you achieve yours as a by-product.


Don’t follow the herd on this one – businesses and organizations in general do not have a positive track record on this subject. The beauty is that it is such low hanging fruit and costs so little in terms of time and money. It’s easy to implement!

Recognition draws people together, delivering positive message that anything is possible. Turn yourself and your organization into a team builder, motivator, fixer, facilitator. Positive recognition will make the negative changes required easier to implement.


Finding, growing, and maintaining super star people is absolutely the key to success in any enterprise. A simple, consistent, persistent recognition plan is a big step toward creating the environment where super stars want to come and are able to grow. Relationships are work. You have to be committed for them to work (whether you like it or not). Be prepared to try a lot of things before your recognition routine feels comfortable and genuine. Start small and keep building!


If you need help with a plan or products to put recognition to work for you, we’re here to help and have been for over 50 years. From simple recognitions (like name badges, personalized office signs, logo wear, gifts, engraved trophies and plaques) to more complicated (performance contests, service awards, dealer & agent programs, donor recognitions, etc.) we deliver recognition via thousands of custom imprinted products designed to connect the recipient with your organization in a genuinely positive and lasting way.


Recognition Works! Is it working for you?